he did not win Koh-Lanta, but… love! His revelations about his love life

In an interview granted this Wednesday, June 22, Jean-Charles (Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem) revealed that they found love a few days after filming the show!

It was as a star that he arrived on the set of the grand finale of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem. Apart from the three finalists, he is the only one to have had this honor. A real crowd favorite this season, Jean Charles has had an admirable career in the TF1 survival game. However badly started, the fustier made an exceptional comeback at the end of the adventure. The adventurer wins the orientation test hands down and signs, in passing, a record time (36 minutes). The posts also work well for him. The young man falls just before Géraldine, the victory narrowly escaping him. Not having been chosen by his comrades, the former lawyer becomes the last member of the final jury. Jean-Charles did not win the check for 100,000 euros promised to the winner… But much more! In an interview given to our colleagues at Purepeople, the darling of viewers revealed that he found love right after the adventure!

People’s favorite

It was unanimous. If Jean-Charles did not shine on the tests, he won the hearts of the public who noticed him in this lackluster season. And this is translated on social networks. Every Tuesday evening, the kindness and sympathy of the fustier were applauded on Twitter. “It’s great to live (…) I was not at all aware of what was going to happen. I was praying for no wickedness, because it’s always unpleasant. I’m happy, it’s very positive” he indicates to Purepeople. He even receives many messages from admirers: “It’s always nice to receive messages from women or men. I can’t say anything else, it’s the ego speaking“, he says amused.

A romantic encounter a few days after filming

From now on, it is the sweet words of a single person that matter to Jean-Charles: those of his soul mate. “I’ve been with someone for a while. A few days after finishing Koh-Lanta, I came home and I met him. So I’m with someone“, says the adventurer. The forty-something adds that “It’s going very well” between them. Anxious to protect his privacy, he will say no more!

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