Franck Dubosc very moved: he evokes the death of his father Lucien, who chose euthanasia

It is a very moved and particularly touching Franck Dubosc that viewers were able to discover on the set of the show As an aside on Canal +, this Wednesday, June 22, 2022. Come to promote the film rumba life, which will be released on August 24, the 58-year-old actor and humorist returned, among other things, to the death of his father Lucien in 2002. At the time, Franck Dubosc performed at the Olympia in Paris where he sold out.

Very moved, Danièle’s husband returned to As an aside about this tragedy that still haunts him today. “He dreamed that I was at the Olympia. He had made me a little drawing, trembling, of me on stage. He wanted me to be at the Olympia but before being an actor. He associated the profession of actor at the Olympia. He didn’t know I was going to do a one-man show. But I think he was proud before the Olympia.” he confided. I know he was proud, but he didn’t say anything to me. It’s not serious. As soon as we talk about him, it’s terriblecontinued Franck Dubosc with great emotion.

“I had to give my consent”

Franck Dubosc also remembered the agreement he made with his mother, a few days before the death of his father, who wanted to have recourse to euthanasia: “I had to agree. It’s a difficult agreement to give. He needed my agreement, it’s very disturbing. I said yes. It was Tuesday because on Monday I wasn’t playing and I could say goodbye to him. The date was chosen… It’s heavy to carry, lots of people have heavy things to carry. But yes, I accepted“, confided Franck Dubosc in As an aside.

Lucien Dubosc suffered from Charcot’s disease and had chosen euthanasia to end his suffering. Euthanasia is a cause in which Franck Dubosc is committed. The latter had already paid tribute to him in the TV movie The last part on TF1. His character of Patrick in the saga Camping is also inspired by the life of his father. The campsite was indeed the place where Franck Dubosc’s father had fun and forgot the worries of everyday life.

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