Former minister Marlène Schiappa questioned on the set of “TPMP” about her future in the media: “We are discussing with Cyril Hanouna” – VIDEO

Last night, Marlène Schiappa was Cyril Hanouna’s guest in “Touche pas à mon poste” on C8. The opportunity for the ex-minister to discuss his future in the media. “I love the media. It’s no secret. It’s a way of carrying out the fights (…) I don’t want to do a show to do a show,” she said.

Asked if she has a project with Cyril Hanouna, as the press has been talking about in recent weeks, the host of “TPMP” replies: “With Marlène, we saw each other a long time ago. I told him ‘ for me, you have a talent and you should turn to the media afterwards'”.

“I am a loyal person. Cyril Hanouna suggested that I think about this subject. He is someone who has an immense sense of the times, who is a producer who knows what is going well or not. walk (…) I don’t have a contract with C8, we don’t have a project with C8. We are discussing to find the right format. I have projects. Then I see Cyril to advise me, “said continued Marlène Schiappa.

“We are working together at the moment and we will see. It’s something we had in mind for quite a long time. For the moment, there is nothing concrete. We are working on a project with Marlène”, entrusted Cyril Hanouna.

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