Elvis Presley: His family reunited in full, rare appearance of his pretty granddaughters

A rare joint outing for Lisa Marie, 54, and her mother, Priscilla, 77, who get along pretty well, however, and even more since the tragic death of Benjamin, the youngest son of Lisa Marie two years ago. The two women had also chosen the same outfit: a black tuxedo and a white shirt. The younger of the two, however, had accompanied her jacket with a tie and leather pants.

By their side, Riley Keough (32) was smiling under her auburn bangs. Dressed in a leather ensemble, she took advantage of this moment with her family, her film career soaring. Nominated a few years ago at the Golden Globes, she won the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival a few weeks ago for her first film as a director, war pony.

But those who caught all the eyes were obviously the two youngest of the family, Harper and Finley. Born from their mother’s fourth marriage to guitarist Michael Lockwood, the 13-year-old twins are quite rare in the media and protected by their family, even during the financial or health setbacks of their mother, who has had several stays in rehab. detox.

But for the occasion, the little sisters of the late Benjamin, who allegedly committed suicide two years ago, were there and rather smiling as they left their footprints in the earth. And their resemblance is striking, even if their styles seem rather different: the first, Harper, was dressed in a floral dress and white sneakers. Her sister, Finley, was more in the same style as her mother and grandmother: all in black, she had chosen a short skirt and low-heeled pumps.

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