«Je n’avais pas envie qu’elle vienne en boubou»: Elisabeth Lévy justifie son dérapage au sujet de la députée Rachel Keke

Elisabeth Lévy justifies her skid on the subject of the deputy Rachel Keke

Guest of “Don’t touch my post!” Wednesday evening live on C8, the editorial director of talker returned to her remarks made the day before in “L’Heure des pros” on CNews about the deputy LFI.

“She is not in boubou already. She is a very beautiful woman but I did not want her to come in boubou to the Assembly. On the sidelines of images of the return of new deputies to the National Assembly, Élisabeth Lévy commented in “L’Heure des pros” on a sequence showing Rachel Keke rejoicing at her arrival by performing a joyful little dance in front of journalists alongside of his colleagues from La France Insoumise. This 47-year-old Franco-Ivorian housekeeper beat the former Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, in the 7th constituency of Val-de-Marne in the legislative elections.

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This little sentence from Pascal Praud’s speaker on CNews provoked many reactions, especially on the Internet. “I’m like Marlène Schiappa, I don’t watch what is said about me on social networks. You can insult me, I don’t care, I don’t read it. But on the other hand, I want to explain myself., reacted the interested party on Wednesday evening in “Do not touch my post!” on C8. The editorial director of talker stated that “Rachel Keke was a very estimable woman” and that she had no problem with boubous. But she considers that “the National Assembly is not a place where one should be the spokesperson for one’s origins and one’s own culture”.

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“I would have said exactly the same thing if an Orthodox Jew had come with his schtreimel or a Breton woman with a bigoudène headdressshe added. In the National Assembly, we are the representatives of the French people, we are not there to bring back their origins. It’s everything I wanted to say.Facing her, Hadama Traoré, an associative activist, said he was saddened that a journalist cared about a simple dress. “Intellectually speaking, it is very weak”, he commented. Gilles Verdez felt that this comment on the boubou pronounced on CNews was both contemptuous and racist. “I was wrong, I was afraid that she would present herself as the spokesperson for a community”conceded Elisabeth Lévy.


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