des perturbations en Ile-de-France sur plusieurs lignes jeudi et vendredi

The unions have called a strike for Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June.

Disruptions are to be expected Thursday and Friday in Ile-de-France transport. The unions Sud-Rail, CGT, Unsa, CFDT, FO and La Base (main union of RATP RER drivers) have called for a strike. They demand a “salary increase” as well as “decent working conditions”.

• On lines H, J, L and R, traffic will be heavily disrupted on Thursday and Friday. Only 1 in 3 trains will run on average on Friday, according to SNCF forecasts.

For the day of Thursday, it will be possible to refer to the RER A. But Friday, the SNCF warns that the traffic will also be strongly disturbed on the RER Aon the Cergy-le-Haut/Poissy axis.

On the Cergy branch, 3 out of 5 trains will run during peak hours and only 1 train per hour during off-peak hours. On the Poissy branch, only 1 train out of 3 will run throughout the day. The service remains normal on the rest of the line.

The Plus de Trains association warns travelers about two “black days” on these two lines. She recommends users on Friday to avoid using these lines and as far as possible to telecommute “to leave your place”.

Strike day of the Top14 final

Friday, this strike coincides with the final of the Top14 which will be played at the Stade de France, between Castres and Montpellier. According to the unions, the movement will also affect lines B and D of the RER, which serve the stadium.

On the RER B: traffic will be “almost normal” on Friday according to SNCF forecasts. The interconnection is maintained at the Gare du Nord.

· As to RER D, 1 train out of 2 is scheduled during peak hours and 1 train out of 3 during off-peak hours. In addition, the interconnection is suspended between Gare de Lyon and Gare du Nord.

On the RER D Twitter account, the SNCF indicates that traffic will be “severely disrupted” and invites travelers to limit their trips as far as possible.

Last Saturday May 28, a strike had already affected the RER lines when thousands of supporters came to watch the final of the Champions League.

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