Dany Boon: Very rare photo of his son Eytan, 17, for a special occasion… and it’s his perfect double!

Highly publicized after the release of Welcome to the Ch’tis, Dany Boon has always set a clear limit: leave her children alone! The actor and director from Bergues has always tried to keep his private life to himself, keeping his five children away from the spotlight. But one of them has just seen his face unveiled to the general public… for a very special day!

Indeed, this Thursday, Eytan Boon celebrates his 17th birthday, a beautiful birthday that his mother, Yaël, did not miss. Posting a photo of her teenager in a story on Instagram, she wished him a happy birthday, remembering that he “full of happiness” since his birth. And the least we can say, after this first photo, is that in the game of similarities, everyone is a winner!

The young man, photographed in a white sweater probably this winter in the mountains, is a perfect mix of his father and his mother and has a mischievous look that could allow him to soon take over from his famous dad… For the moment still discreet, he must concentrate on his studies, just like the two other children of Dany and Yaël Boon, Elia, 15 years old and Sarah, 11 years old.

Divorced in 2018, the latter have remained very close for their three children, even though they have each rebuilt their lives: Yaël now shares his days with a man named Billy and Dany Boon fell for one of his colleagues, the actress Laurence Arné, with whom he lived during confinement and co-wrote his latest film.

The young woman is also the mother of a child, Raphaël, 10 years old and who had to make a place for himself in this very large blended family: in addition to his last three children, Dany Boon also has two eldest sons, Mehdi (24 years old) and Noé (22 years old), born of his first two marriages. The youngest had also played with him in the film Micmacswhen he was only ten years old at the time.

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