Brad Pitt’s hypnotic cover for GQ

The actor, who will star in Bullet Train on August 3, lent himself to a few confidences in the August issue of the British magazine.

“He is one of the last stars of the big screen,” said Quentin Tarantino in the British edition of QG. For its August issue, the magazine has indeed chosen to honor Brad Pitt. The media thus unveiled its psychedelic cover of the actor, this Wednesday, June 22. We see the latter lying in the water, way Melancholia (2011).

Dressed in an electric blue shirt signed Louis Vuitton, on which a reptile crawls, the comedian with a translucent gaze is surrounded by flowers. His neck adorned with large gold chains, straight out of his jewelry box, he places a hand surmounted by a red petal on his stomach. A snapshot signed Elizaveta Porodina, from a series of hypnotic photographs of the hero ofAd Astra (2019). On one of them, the 50-year-old, dressed in a sparkling Armani Los Angeles Collection jacket, evolves in an artistic blur.

“I always felt very alone”

An edition in which Brad Pitt evokes his love for art, but also his “deep scars” and his loneliness. “I always felt very alone in my life, he explained. I already felt this when I was a child (…) and it was only recently that I felt a greater affection for my friends and my family.

On video, Bullet Trainthe trailer with Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock

Treasure hunt

Brad Pitt also delivered a tasty anecdote to QG. He thus explained that he had one day embarked on a real treasure hunt, within the castle of Miraval, one of his properties. “A man told me (…) that the castle was supposed to house a fortune: millions of dollars in gold that one of the medieval owners of the domain had taken from the Levant during the crusades and buried on the ground, declared the hero of Bullet Train, in theaters August 3. Before adding: “I became obsessed. For a year, that was all I could think of, I was excited about the idea.”

To the point that the actor would have acquired a radar to search his property. “Maybe it has something to do with where I grew up, because in the Ozark Mountains there were always stories of hidden treasures,” he recalled. A loot that Brad Pitt never discovered. According to him, his informant actually approached him with the aim of financing a radar company. Surprised to have believed in his lies, the actor ended up finding his whim “pretty stupid”. “The hunt was exciting,” he concluded.


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