After years of war, Sylvie Tellier appears on Instagram with Geneviève de Fontenay… for the announcement of a terrible death

It’s no longer a secret for anyone… Between Sylvie Tellier and Geneviève De Fontenay, it’s war. For years, the former beauty queen and the lady in the hat have been tearing themselves apart at the slightest opportunity. A few days ago, the former president of the Miss France Committee reacted violently to the announcement of the departure of Miss France 2002. Interviewed by France Sunday, the latter launched: “I still have not digested what she has done to me in recent yearsthen I will not cry for her”before discussing the finances of his rival. “She is not to be pitied financially. She will have earned much more money than me! » And to conclude: “His dismissal therefore does not make me hot or cold. »

Thus, Geneviève De Fontenay does not intend to forgive Sylvie Tellier anytime soon. And if she is still so angry with the businesswoman, it is above all because of the centenary: “Especially when she invited all the former Misses to come and celebrate this so-called centenary, when the very first election dates back to 1927. So it hasn’t been 100 years! »

Sylvie Tellier heartbroken

The general manager of the Miss France company, meanwhile, made the decision to put her grudges aside on this tragic day. Yves Coppens, famous paleontologist, died at the age of 87. The co-discoverer of Lucy was notably present as president of the jury on the day of the election of Sylvie Tellier as Miss France. Touched by the death of the face of French paleontology, the pretty blonde wanted to pay tribute to her by sharing a tender snapshot dating from December 8, 2001. Snapshot on which we can also see Geneviève De Fontenay adjusting Miss’s scarf France 2002.” Bon voyage Yves Coppens. And thank you for changing my life forever Mr. President “, she wrote in story Instagram. A shocking message.


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