Adriana Karembeu is in a separate room with her husband Aram, explanations!

Between them, it’s obvious. Adriana Karembeu, who has long been associated with the Corsican footballer who was once her husband, started a new life a few years ago… and intends to persist on the path to happiness. In 2014, the Red Cross ambassador remarried in Monaco to businessman Aram Ohanian. Installed together in Marrakech, Morocco, where Monsieur manages the Palais Ronsard, they welcomed a little wonder, Nina, who is now 4 years old.

He reassured me by saying: “Trust me, you will be a good mother”

New muse of the Mauboussin brand, Adriana Karembeu has agreed to come back to this crazy love story in the columns of the magazine Gala. Aram Ohanian, she simply has it under her skin. “My guy has a crazy charactershe explains. Anyway, I always choose indomitable men. Aram is fire. I admire him. I like his courage. He traces, he is honest, he betrays no one. For him a word is a word. And he is very funny. It was he who helped me not to miss the motherhood train. He reassured me by saying: ‘Trust me, you are going to be a good mother’. And I listened to it.

I share a huge room with my daughter

Adriana Karembeu was 43 when she said “yes” to Aram Ohanian facing the Eternal, 46 when she became pregnant with Nina. If the fabulous experience of motherhood brought her closer to her husband, the Slovak beauty reveals that they nevertheless both sleep in different bedrooms since their daughter was born.”I am a fusional mother without being stuffyshe adds. In Marrakech, I live in a hotel and there I share a huge room with my daughter, in which I even had a slide installed for her to play. Aram is sleeping in another room. In the north, children sleep with their mother in co-sleeping until late…

Find the full interview of Adriana Karembeu in the magazine Gala, n ° 1515, of June 23, 2022.

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