Adriana Karembeu, her daughter Nina, 4, is already huge: “She has my big size!”

She has long refused the very idea of ​​becoming a mother. But madly in love with Aram Ohanian, Adriana Karembeu ended up changing her mind. The Red Cross ambassador, muse of Mauboussin leather goods, married her beloved in 2014 and became pregnant three years later, when she was 46. Nina fills her with joy, of course, but a childhood trauma prevented her from believing in this project for years.

I experienced more painfully what had happened to me

There are several reasonsshe explains, Galaabout her late pregnancy. Of course, the fact that my father was violent with me, starting when I was 6 years old, must not have helped. Subconsciously, I thought that having a child at home was not a good thing. Perhaps, too, I was very afraid of becoming like him. After the birth of my daughter, moreover, I lived more painfully what had happened to me. I wondered how my father could beat me. It woke up in me an incomprehensible pain. But that’s in the past.

She’s a daredevil little girl who loves freedom

Having become a mother 4 years ago, Adriana Karembeu now has a fresh look at motherhood. On the other hand, she fiercely protects her little Nina, whose face she most often hides. Fortunately, in an interview, the former companion of Christian Karembeu agrees to reveal more about her daughter, and in particular what she inherited from her. “She has my big sizeshe reveals. She is a head taller than others of the same age. But she has her father’s character and I like that. She is a daredevil little girl who loves freedom, and is not afraid of anything. Quite the opposite of me who was so fearful as a child… probably because of my family background.” As a reminder, Adriana Karembeu is 1m85 tall. We can therefore be sure and certain that, in the future, Nina will see things big.

Find the full interview of Adriana Karembeu in the magazine Gala, n ° 1515, of June 23, 2022.

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