World Rugby modifie son protocole pour le retour des joueurs ayant subi une commotion

Updated rules for World Rugby’s concussion protocol, the international federation announced in a statement on Tuesday. “No player will return to play until day 7 after injury and any player’s return must be approved by an independent concussion consultant”she wrote.

“Players, including those with a history of concussion or who have been removed from a game with obvious symptoms of concussion, will be barred from playing for a minimum of 12 days, likely missing their next competitive game”added the supreme body of rugby.

In summary in case of proven concussion:
– the 12 days will apply to players with a history of concussion and to players without a history but with obvious symptoms (the majority of players will therefore be affected by this limit).
– the 7 days will apply to players with no history of concussion and no symptoms but only after the green light from an independent doctor.

Implementation from July 1

The new regulations will take effect on July 1 and will prevent, as is currently the case, a player who has successfully passed the return to play protocol from playing again the following weekend. The matches of the July tours, such as that of England in Australia or France in Japan, are affected by this change.

“World Rugby strongly believes that the scientific evidence supports our protocols, but we are continually reviewing and testing them to ensure they are suitable for modern play”said Eanna Falvey, the medical director of the international federation.

World Rugby has for some time been the target of complaints from many former players with degenerative brain disorders who blame it for not doing enough to prevent these risks.


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