Witsel ne viendrait pas… à cause de la DNCG ?

On the set of “Débat Foot Marseille”, our guest Pierre Guille and Jean-Charles De Bono return to the possible failure in the Axel Witsel case by drawing a parallel to the complex situation of OM, which is awaiting the green light from the DNCG to be able to start its transfer window.

Excerpt from the program “Débat Foot Marseille” devoted to OM’s passage before the DNCG which is long overdue, and in parallel with the Axel Witsel file, who would have finally chosen to join Atlético Madrid. While as we told you, OM were in advanced discussions with the Belgian international and even had a head start on their competitors for a long time. But in recent days the Witsel track would have cooled down. As we speak, it is announced closer to Atlético Madrid. but we are not immune to a new turnaround in this case. We will be more on Thursday when OM passes in front of the DNCG, a passage which may finally be able to unblock files both in the direction of departures and arrivals.

Pierre Guille, president of the world La Marseillaise à Pétanque, and Jean-Charles De Bono give us their feelings on the situation of the club with the passage which approaches in front of the DNCG and on the file leading to Axel Witsel, free of any contract after his departure from Borussia Dortmund.

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“I think we could have agreed with him 15 days ago” – De Bono

“The DNCG might have blocked the player but I think we could have agreed with him on the contract level 15 days ago. Afterwards, the problem is that if OM contacts him before the DNCG, telling him that he must wait until the DNCG has been checked, the player may think that there is still Atlético who is is interested and who plays the Champions League, the high level, a recognized club where there are great players so why hesitate… ” Jean-Charles De Bono – Source: Marseille Football Club (20/06/2022)

Questioned by the FCM, Pierre Guille gives his opinion on the qualities of Axel Witsel and expresses his disappointment if he does not sign with OM.

What a pity, he was an experienced player, a good player who knew the high level. For me, Witsel was a big blow. » Pierre Guille – Source: Marseille Football Club (20/06/2022)

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