une ancienne joueuse dénonce l’exclusion des femmes transgenres des compétitions internationales

The decision does not pass. Australian Caroline Layt, a former player, vehemently denounced on Wednesday June 22 the decision of the International Rugby League Federation (IRL) to ban transgender women from participating in international matches. In an interview with AFP, she believes that it is a “punishment”.

The 56-year-old former athlete, now a journalist and activist, fears that such a choice will lead to the banishment of transgender athletes. “What they’re saying is, ‘We don’t want you, she said on Wednesday in reaction to the positions of the IRL. Caroline Layt played rugby for more than thirty years, before and after her transition. She has distinguished herself in high-level women’s teams, notably in New South Wales.

The former Australian player rejects the argument that transgender women necessarily have a physiological advantage over other sportswomen. “We are not all the same height, the same weight, the same size”argue-she. She asks sports bodies to decide on a case-by-case basis.

“We have the impression of being singled out (…) [Les instances sportives] do not seem to understand the fact that for us it is inherent, the fact of feeling like a woman is part of us from an early age”she reproaches them.

This announcement from the International Rugby League Federation came two days after the International Swimming Federation (Fina) announced the creation of an “open” category for transgender people. IRL jump on a moving trainshe regrets. It’s really disappointing.”

The player decided in 2005 to reveal her trans identity to her teammates and opponents. “I suddenly became less than nothing”she says.

The Australian claims to have been sidelined, and even the victim of physical violence, because of her gender identity. The IRL’s decision pushes her all the less to encourage young transgender people who would like to play rugby: “I would tell them to hide, or go play in a sport that is inclusive.”

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