the doctor and ex-columnist of “TPMP”, Jimmy Mohamed, alerts parents to processed sausages

It is simple to cook processed sausages. In the microwave, in the oven or even in a saucepan… this is undoubtedly one of the simplest and quickest “recipe” ideas. However, it is not always good to give it to your children. And did not see any allusion to the composition of these. If they are dangerous for the health of children, it is because they risk suffocation by ingesting them and this because of a very specific reason, as doctor Jimmy Mohamed pointed out.

The former columnist TPMP often speaks on his Instagram account to give information and health tips. On June 21, he mentioned, for example, Coca-Cola and explained that drinking it to stop vomiting and gastroenteritis was only a pipe dream. “An error that I often observe in consultation… It is to believe that Coke can stop the symptoms of a gastro… It is absolutely false!”he announced at first before specifying: “Coke is absolutely not the right drink to rehydrate”. The doctor says that “it does not stop the vomiting” unlike sugar lollipops or other candies.

Sausages, not so good for your health

This Wednesday, June 22, doctor Jimmy Mohamed this time wanted to alert parents to a much more serious problem than drinking soda when you are sick. “A simple prevention message. For parents who give this kind of sausages (Knacki type: editor’s note) to eat to children, they absolutely must not be cut in this direction, but rather in length”he let know at first by showing that the way the majority of people cut sausages was not the right one.

And if it is necessary to cut this food in a precise way, it is not for nothing as the doctor specifies: “If a child ever swallows a sausage cut this way… it will lodge directly in the trachea, i.e. in the respiratory tract, and prevent the passage of air. And unfortunately the child risk of choking”. The former columnist TPMP went on to give the reasons for the danger: “The problem with these sausages is that they are all soft and therefore no matter how much you try to expel the foreign body with emergency maneuvers, it will remain blocked and unfortunately children have already died”. Parents now know how to limit the risk of choking if they feed sausages to their little ones.

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