Lilia Hassaine leaves Quotidien, Yann Barthès sends her a moving message

This Tuesday, June 21, the merry band of Daily was in trouble. Yann Barthès has announced that Lilia Hassaine is leaving the talk show. Touched by this departure, the host sent a beautiful message to the columnist.

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The team of Daily lose a limb. This Tuesday, June 21, Yann Barthes announced the departure of Lilia Hassaine at the very start of the show:Let’s take advantage of having her by our side because she’s the very last of Lilia Hassaine“, he announces. The journalist had joined the ranks of the presenter of TMC in January 2016. She made her debut behind the scenes, within Bangumi. She works in particular on The small newspaper in Martin Weill’s team. It is in 2017 that she is propelled to the antenna. During a prime dedicated to Donald Trump, she walked the famous talk show set for the first time. After a successful performance, she joined the daily show team in September 2017. After six years of good and loyal service, Yann Barthès said goodbye to him in the edition of this Tuesday, June 21… Not without emotion.

“Thank you for your friendship”

His chronicle, Zoom, will have punctuated the emission of the Dix. And as of tomorrow, it will no longer exist. Thus, the viewers were certainly impatient to discover the subject chosen by the journalist for his last minutes on the set of TMC. The one who has drawn the wrath of Pascal Praud launches into a focus on French political issues, after having made it known that she was “sad” to present his latest column. It is under the applause of her colleagues that she concludes it. Nostalgic, Yann Barthès sends him a beautiful message: “Even though his words are written on the teleprompter, they are sincere. We will all miss you. But beyond that, I wanted to thank you for your work, your trust, your friendship.“, he declared, moved. It is on a lighter note that he chooses to conclude his speech: “I look forward to welcoming you for your third book. We’ll drink champagne and reminisce about the good old days!“, he adds. A clue as to the reason for his departure?

The reason for his departure remains unknown.

Lilia Hassaine, who is also an author, could she devote herself fully to her literary activity? The journalist had already been absent from the talk show for the first time for the release of her second novel, Bitter Sun. And beautiful things were born from this break… Indeed, the work will earn him a place in the first selection of the Goncourt prize. Passed by TF1, Arte and The world before joining the band of Yann Barthès, the young woman full of talents should have no trouble bouncing back after Daily !

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