«Je suis triste»: Lilia Hassaine annonce son (nouveau) départ surprise de «Quotidien»

Lilia Hassaine announces her (new) surprise departure from “Daily”

VIDEO – Tuesday June 21, the 31-year-old columnist and writer presented her latest “Zoom” on Yann Barthès’ show on TMC. The presenter paid tribute to him.

Yann Barthès did not hide his emotion Tuesday evening on TMC. That day, one of its key speakers officiated around the table for the last time. “I would like us to watch Lilia Hassaine “, he launched from the introduction of “Daily” under the surprised eye of the person concerned who surely did not expect this attention. “Let’s take advantage of having him by our side because it’s the very last time“, he added, recalling that she had started at the “Petit Journal” in 2016 in the team of Martin Weill before being invited on the set, for the first time on June 27, 2017 on the occasion of a Trump special. The image has been replayed.

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For his latest “Zoom” (nom of his chronicle, Ed.), Llia Hassaine took an interest in Emmanuel Macron and the future of his government after the result of the legislative elections on Sunday. In taking stock of his five-year term, the 31-year-old chronicle demonstrated how his very vertical management of power led him to find himself stuck between two political fires. In the launch of this column, Yann Barthès displayed the “Zoom” logo with “crying eyes“, reference to the last of the journalist. “I am sad too”replied the latter.

Extract from “Daily” broadcast on TMC on Tuesday June 21, 2022 around 8 p.m. A program produced by Bangumi and hosted by Yann Barthès

It was to the applause of her colleagues Ambre Chalumeau, Paul Garnier and Étienne Carbonnier that Lilia Hassaine ended her column. Yann Barthès will have a final message for the one who has accompanied him for six years: “Even though these words are written on the teleprompter, they are sincere. Already, you will be missed by all of us. But beyond that, I just wanted to thank you for your work, your trust, your friendship.eh, he began. I can’t wait to see you for, I don’t know, your third book. We will applaud you, we will drink champagne and we will say “do you remember how stupid we were!““, he concluded in front of a smiling Llila Hassaine and, without a doubt, moved. “Like the good old times. Thanks to youshe finally said.

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The reason for his departure is not given. This isn’t the first time the columnist and writer has left the TMC show. In 2019, she moved away from the set located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris to write her first novel The eye of the peacock at Gallimard. She had come to promote a few months later with her friends and former colleagues. Last year, she released her second book, Bitter Sunselected for the Prix Goncourt 2021.


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