Les ultras de l’Inter préparent un accueil hostile à Romelu Lukaku

While he should soon return to Inter Milan, Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku should receive a hostile reception from the Milanese ultras. The 29-year-old Belgian, who left Lombardy last summer to join the Blues, is seen as a traitor by Nerazzurri fans who have already warned on social media that he will not be well received on his likely return to Milano.

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“We urge all Inter fans not to fall into the trap of welcoming Lukaku with Curva Nord scarves and banners at the airport. Lukaku will have to earn the respect of the fans with effort and sweat. We are not lords at the mercy of the movements of players and clubs. We took note of Lukaku’s betrayal and felt uneasy. Pretending that nothing happened would only further accelerate this process that has been going on for years, aimed at making us all dumb and docile consumers. He was supported and treated like a king, now he is just like many others”said the Curva Nord in a press release published on instagram this Wednesday.

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