Large families: A member of the Gayat tribe welcomes his first child, father Olivier sells the wick

The former candidates of Large families, life in XXL (TF1) Olivier and Soukdavone Gayat are the happy parents of 9 children. If they do not intend to have a tenth, they are delighted to welcome new babies in the family despite everything. In December 2020, their eldest daughter Olivia announced, for example, that she had become the mother of a little boy named Kayden, the fruit of her love with Sorachadi whom she married last April. And today, it’s his little brother Téo’s turn to discover the joys of fatherhood for the first time.

This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Téo and his companion Marie have indeed become parents. And it was Olivier Gayat who hastened to spill the beans, too happy for his son. In an Instagram story, he writes: “There you go, when I wake up, great news, I’m a grandpa again. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart Marie and Téo“. The TF1 candidate later clarifies that it is a “beautiful little girl” (see our slideshow).

For their part, the couple did not speak until a short time later to reveal that their daughter’s name is Emma. Just before welcoming their child, they indicated that the birth was however imminent by sharing the messages of those around them wishing them a lot of courage. “A huge thought to my sister-in-law Marie and my little brother Téo who are about to meet the love of their life“, addressed to them in particular Olivia Gayat.

It was at the beginning of last May that Téo and Marie had formalized the pregnancy of the latter. Their community had thus been able to discover a snapshot from a photo shoot where they appeared entwined. Teo had his hands placed on his darling’s very rounded belly, surrounded by a ribbon…pink! “Here are the friends, our little secret is revealed, we are the future parents of a little girl“, they revealed through this post. Olivier Gayat was quick to let his joy explode on his Instagram account. “You saw the news! I’m going to be a grandpa to a little girl! Thank you my Theo, thank you my little Marie“, he said, shouting from his car. And to add: “That’s it, a little guy and a little girl!“, he exclaimed.

All our congratulations to the happy parents !

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