la FIFA assure que le Qatar respectera “la vie privée des supporters”

Contacted by RMC Sport, a FIFA spokesperson assures that the privacy of visitors will be respected in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup (November 21-December 18), including on the subject of sex outside marriage.

Will foreign fans traveling to Qatar to watch the World Cup be able to have sex there? In recent days, the Daily Star assured that it would be prohibited for homosexuals or unmarried couples. Contacted by RMC Sport, a FIFA spokesperson reacted.

“FIFA and host country representatives have repeatedly expressed their commitment to providing safety and a warm welcome to all who attend the FIFA World Cup,” he said.

“This includes ensuring that law enforcement activities related to the FIFA World Cup are strictly necessary and proportionate, continues the spokesperson. As has been the case during the many events that Qatar has hosted, the privacy of individuals will be respected.”

A law already little applied in Qatar

All the members who revolve around the organization of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar assure RMC Sport that supporters around the world should “not worry” and that privacy “will be fully respected”.

French people living in Qatar have told RMC Sport that the law in question is in fact not “much applied” in the country in normal times.

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