la DGSI confirme que l’explosion d’un deuxième véhicule en Arabie Saoudite était bien d’origine criminelle

The DGSI investigation confirms that the explosion of Italian driver Camelia Liparoti’s assistance truck was indeed due to an explosive device.

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The second explosion on the Dakar 2022, which hit driver Camelia Liparoti’s assistance truck, is of criminal origin, according to information from RMC confirmed by franceinfo on Wednesday June 22 by a source familiar with the matter. The 2022 Dakar took place in Saudi Arabia at the very beginning of the year.

According to the DGSI which is leading the investigation, the Italian pilot’s assistance truck was targeted on December 31 on the eve of departure by an explosive device. Expertise recently carried out in France on the charred carcass of the vehicle shows that “metal balls went through the cabin” of the truck, according to the same source. Camélia Liparoti’s assistance truck exploded on leaving Jeddah, causing no casualties.

There were therefore two similar attacks just before the start of the race, according to French investigators from the DGSI. The Paris-Dakar was targeted, but the motivations behind these attacks remain uncertain. There was no claim, according to information from franceinfo.

On December 30, a first explosion hit the assistance truck of Philippe Boutron, the seriously injured Sodicars driver. Saudi Arabia had mentioned an accident, but the traces of explosives did sign an attack. It was a device “improvised”, according to the DGSI.

The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office remains seized of the first explosion against the French crew, but with these revelations the Italian justice could also seek to open an anti-terrorist investigation.

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