Koh-Lanta: two adventurers win the final, Internet users upset

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The final episode of “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem”, broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1, made it possible to designate the winner. There were not one but two winners. What arouse astonishment and spite among many viewers.

Great first in the history of “Koh-Lanta”. Four candidates were qualified for the mythical pole test: Géraldine, Bastien, François and Jean-Charles. With a particularity: Bastien, who arrived last in the orientation test of the previous episode, inherited the cursed post.

In this final test where you have to stand still on a pole off the beach for as long as possible, it was François, the 38-year-old firefighter from Hérault, who fell first after 1h34. Bastien lasted 1h40. Jean-Charles resisted for 2 hours. Big winner of the event: Géraldine, the 47-year-old Breton. As required by the rules, she chose her opponent to accompany her in front of the final jury. His choice fell on François.

Ultimate twist of “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem”: François was able, in turn, to designate a candidate to accompany him in front of the jury. He chose Bastien, the 32-year-old rope access technician from the Rhône.

At the end of the vote, during the last council on the island of the Philippines, the candidates found themselves on set in Paris. The opportunity to see their physical evolution several months after the shooting. Ten former adventurers of the season made up the final jury: Colin, Pauline, Yannick, Anne-Sophie, Maxime, Louana, Fouzi, Nicolas, Olga and Ambre. The counting of the votes gave three votes for Géraldine and four votes each for François and Bastien.

Bastien, Geraldine and François.
Capture TF1

Denis Brogniart often says: “At the end, there will only be one”. Wrong this year. So there was not one winner but two winners: François and Bastien. They will share €50,000. A scenario that many viewers had not imagined and which surprised them.

2 winners in #Koh Lanta ?? Completely ridiculous…

— Abdellah Salmi u2b50ufe0f14ud83cudfc635 (@asalmi31) June 21, 2022

Just before no winner and the 2… we don’t care when we are told 1 only winner #Koh Lanta

— rotten nickname (@HugoJosse7) June 21, 2022

So there are two winners while Claude will never officially win it keeps me awake #Koh Lanta

– Campeones de Europa 14 ud83cudfc6 (@AlgerienDeL_Est) June 21, 2022

When I see that there are two winners, I tell myself that I did well to stop looking at the 3rd episode. #Koh Lanta.

— Ju’u2728 (@BeKind_77) June 21, 2022

Denis Broghniart has confirmed that “Koh-Lanta” will return in 2023. Preparations are underway, filming has not yet started. The location is not yet known. “The adventurers do not even imagine what awaits them”, warned Denis Brogniart.

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