Koh Lanta 2022: Jean-Charles as a couple since filming, he confides in his darling

In Koh Lanta 2022 (Where Koh Lanta: the cursed Totem), Jean Charles shone as much by his kindness as by his awkwardness in the tests… But that was before the last two episodes! The adventurer arrived first in the orientation and second in the posts. Unfortunately he was not chosen by Géraldine and François to win his place in the final. However, Jean-Charles arrived radiant, like all the candidates who have changed a lot, on the set of the grand final this Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

I’ve been with someone for a while

And we may have the reason for this big smile! Indeed, the adventurer revealed, in an interview with Purepeople, that he had found love! “I’ve been with someone for a while. A few days after finishing Koh-Lanta, I came home and met her. So I’m with someone“says the one who explained why he did not vote against Amber, before adding:”It’s going very well“.

Jean-Charles prefers to remain discreet about his private life and does not hide the fact that he is in great demand on his social networks: “It’s always pleasant to receive messages from women or men. I can’t say anything else, it’s the ego that speaks“.

The favorite of viewers

A real darling of the public, he is the adventurer who has been mentioned the most on Twitter. His name has been mentioned almost 30,000 times since the beginning of the adventure and in the majority of cases, these are messages of support. A wave of love that delights Jean-Charles. “It’s great to live. I take it, no problem. It’s not calculated. I had no idea what was going to happenhe recalls. I was praying for no wickedness, because it’s always unpleasant. I’m happy, it’s very positive. The people who write to me are those who like me. I don’t know if I’m the darling, I think it’s the same for everyone“, he concludes.

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