Kate Bush reacts to the resurgence of her 1985 hit, which topped the UK charts

The title of Kate Bush Running Up That Hill is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity thanks to the success of Stranger Things, the fantasy series returned to Netflix at the end of May. The song plays an important role in the plot of this fourth and penultimate season. It features the gang of friends from the fictional town of Hawkins in 1986, six months after the Battle of Starcourt Mall, facing a new supernatural threat.

“It’s such a good show, I thought the track would get a bit of attention”said the 63-year-old British singer in an interview, broadcast on Wednesday June 22 by BBC radio. “But I never imagined it would be anything like this. It’s so exciting. It’s also quite upsetting, really. I mean, the whole world has gone crazy”she added. “To have all these very young people hearing the song for the first time and discovering it is very special”she continued, specifying that she herself was not listening “never” his old titles.

With her melody rising to number one in the UK on June 17, as well as in other countries, Kate Bush broke several records, including that of the longest period between the release of a single (1985) and its rise to the top of the charts. She also became the oldest female artist to top the chart. “There was great music in the 80s, but I think we’re in an incredibly exciting time today,” although she is “very difficult” for a lot of people, she said.

After her musical successes, Kate Bush had been very discreet in recent decades. His latest studio album, 50 Words for Snow dates back to 2011 and after a series of sold-out concerts in 2014 in London, she did not say if she was working on new projects. She also confided in her experience of confinement during the pandemic, which she passed by watching series in a bulimic way and gardening. “Gardening is my thing now”did she say.

In this horrifying scene from Stranger ThingsMax saves herself from the clutches of the evil one thanks to the music of Kate Bush who brings her back safe and sound among her own

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