Julien Doré and Guillaume Canet: This famous actress with whom they were in a relationship

Julien Doré is certainly one of the most discreet personalities when it comes to love. Guillaume Canet, on the other hand, has been in a relationship for so long with Marion Cotillard – they have been together since 2007 and had two children – that it is difficult to imagine him on the arm of another woman. And yet, did you know? The two artists have an ex in common … and not just anyone, since it is a very well-known French actress, who has notably shot for Audrey Dana, Alex Lutz or even, recently, Emmanuel Courcol. Do you have his name on the tip of your tongue?

Yes, it is indeed Marina Hands! In 2011, the actress appeared in the title clip Summer Summerfrom the album bichon by Julien Doré, and for good reason. They stayed together until 2012 after starring in Together, we are going to live a very, very great love story… by Pascal Thomas in 2010.”This love changed the man and the artist in me and it will always live in both of us.”he confided to the magazine SHE in November 2013.”Julien was my great love. The pain of a breakup is valid for both, no matter who left.”added his former companion, with great respect, to Paris Match.

Marina is still my first love

Long before falling for Julien Doré, to whom she remains close, Marina Hands flirted with Guillaume Canet, in his early youth, in the horse racing world – they frequented the same club. “That was my first crush. We were doing Juniors together, he specified on Europe 1. Marina is still my first love, when we were 14, we were snogging in the boxes and doing the French junior championships together. It is necessary to believe that these impulses of the hearts were quickly transformed into beautiful friendship. The proof, these two have collaborated professionally on several occasions. Marina Hands starred in the short Without regrets by Guillaume Canet in 1996, but also in Do not tell anyone in 2006.

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