Julie Andrieu, former round: “I tried all kinds of diets…”

The host and culinary critic of 48 years makes more than one blush. Julie Andrieu takes pleasure in tasting beautiful dishes. But she does not take a gram! Indeed, the pretty blonde, mother of two children named Hadrian (9 years old) and Gaïa (6 years old), displays a zero defect silhouette. Questioned by our colleagues from TV Magazine who ask her to reveal the secret of her wasp waist, she makes an astonishing revelation.

While the editorial staff let him know that his thinness is a dream “all the foodies on earth“, Julie Andrieu then explains. “I actually make sure I don’t lose too much weight!“, she admits. And to clarify that she has not always had the physique that we know her: “But I was, just like my mother, a plump teenager. I tried all kinds of pretty drastic diets that just didn’t work., before finding a balance by eating healthy. Marcel Carné and Jacques Becker, with whom my mother toured, kept telling her: ‘Nicole, you have to lose weight!’ It happened naturally. Cooking helps to eat healthy. By cooking vegetables, children enjoy eating them.

This is how the kitchen took an important place in the life of the one who denounced the insistent proposals of Harvey Weinstein. “Cooking is for me a way of life more than a job. I am more interested in customs and popular culture than in culinary techniques, even if each program is an opportunity to note new regional recipes.“, she confides. Moreover, Julie Andrieu reveals to have a file containing more than 3500 recipes that she tests and modifies endlessly. “I have written about thirty books. In the last, Julie’s Tricks (Robert Lafon)I have gathered a hundred recipes but I unfold through an alphabet all the tips to save time and save money: tips that I have accumulated over 25 years as a journalist or food critic“, she adds. So that’s the smart kitchen…

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