Jennifer and Eddy (Married at first sight 2022) still a couple or divorced? The big twist!

How many couples have actually formed thanks to Married at first sight 2022 ? To find out, we will have to wait a little longer with the final report, released next week. We already know that Bruno and Alicia are still in a relationship now and Pauline and Damien have also decided to stay married. No big surprises since the two duos were very close. Viewers were more surprised to see that Jennifer and Eddie have decided to stay together despite the attitude of the candidate who made her husband struggle. And today then?

The Jennifer / Eddy couple still relevant?

If Jennifer and Eddy decided to stay together during the first assessment of Married at first sight 2022, the couple would no longer be relevant today. This is confirmed by Télé Loisirs, in its edition published on June 21, 2022. Not very surprising news: at the start of the broadcast, the influencer Aqababe who has since decided to stop the scoops, had revealed that the two candidates had separated. “According to one of my sources present at Eddy & Jennifer’s wedding in Gibraltar (…) they are no longer together at present“ he confided. We are not going to be surprised …

Compatible at 81%, Jennifer and Eddy would then have decided to separate definitively. The two candidates of MAPR should confide in more detail about it in the episode What have they become ?. We will find all the couples 6 months after the filming of the show. Were there any other breakups? Go to M6 to find out!

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