Investigation into allegations of harassment against Meghan Markle will not be made public

Did Meghan Markle harass members of her staff when she was a senior member of the royal family? Well the public will ultimately know nothing! If there was indeed an internal investigation at Buckingham Palace, to determine in what circumstances two members of the palace staff were victims of harassment, the conclusions of the report, paid for by Queen Elizabeth II in a private capacity, will not be never published. And for good reason: the report was “buried”.

Everything we know, according to the Times who relays the information is that the “procedures” in the management of the staff of the royal family changed after the report was given to the queen.

All and nothing

Is the fact of not making the information contained in this internal investigation public a new tackle in the direction of the Duchess of Sussex or a way of protecting her? Impossible to know, according to the daily. But the fact that the team’s management rules were changed in the process suggests that there was indeed a problem and that Meghan Markle could be responsible for it.

On social networks, supporters of Prince Harry’s wife and his detractors obviously took advantage of the news to tear themselves apart. The hashtag #RoyalFamilyLied (the royal family is lying) has established itself in trends.

“So Buckingham revealed the existence of a bullying investigation (four days before the Oprah interview) but not the results? Excuse me, but that’s bullshit. Meghan was roughed up by the royal family but she didn’t say half of what she went through in the interview,” one user posted on Twitterwhile another has writing “No one has anything negative to say about Meghan before her wedding. She marries into a family with a history of abuse, backstabbing, manipulation and jealousy and suddenly she’s an agent of chaos who’s managed to intimidate the entire monarchy? »

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