In an immaculate white suit, Kate Middleton plays the “Meghan Markle” card

During her last appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge distinguished herself with an – almost – unprecedented choice of color.

Was she inspired by Meghan Markle? The Duchess of Cambridge appeared this Wednesday, June 22, in an outfit that could recall the dressing room of Prince Harry’s wife as she is not in her habits. Coming to inaugurate the National Windrush Monument, a statue created by artist Basil Watson, Kate Middleton wore an immaculate white pantsuit signed Alexander McQueen, one of her favorite brands. Composed of a cord-cut blazer and wide high-waisted pants, it is intended to be a continuation of his latest looks. In recent weeks, Kate Middleton has indeed multiplied the appearances in two pieces.

She accompanies her outfit with pointed and high perched heels as well as a small Mulberry bag, also white, called “Amberley” by the brand. Accessories that complete Kate Middleton’s light and elegant look.

The Duchess of Cambridge in an Alexander McQueen pantsuit. (London, June 22.) Abaca

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Meghan Markle in a white suit at the Invictus Games. (Netherlands, April 15, 2022). Abaca

If this total white look is a first for Kate Middleton, her sister-in-law is fond of it. During the Invictus Games 2022, Meghan Markle donned a similar trouser-suit ensemble, signed Valentino. Failing to hoist a white flag, the two members of the royal family wear a two-piece in the same vein, with a few details.


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