« Il reste 22 millions à trouver… » Gérard Lopez fait le point sur la situation tendue à Bordeaux

What future for the Girondins de Bordeaux? Relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of a nightmarish season, the club with six French championship titles is not even sure of evolving in the antechamber of the elite in 2022-2023. The DNCG has indeed demoted him to National in view of his financial situation. Captain of a ship adrift, President Gérard Lopez wants to believe that he is holding the helm.

“I gave 10 million in additional equity, then there is relegation aid of around 8 million euros. Vulgarly, there are still 22 million to be found. It is linked to the sales which will be made more than widely, “he promised in the program” Rothen ignites “when the club has players with an interesting market value, like Hwang Ui-jo, Séjou Mara or Alberth Elis.

“We are not going to say that there is no risk (of filing for bankruptcy)”, he tempers despite everything. “As long as there is no agreement (with the creditors), there is clearly this risk. “A risk that the president nevertheless apprehends with relative confidence, evoking “positive conversations”.

“Today, from a factual point of view, are the Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 2? The answer is no. On the other hand, do we believe in everything and believe in it? The answer is clearly yes. For me, it’s clear that Bordeaux must be in Ligue 2 next year. It’s complicated but we’re going to do it, “he said, confirming that” going up (in Ligue 1) will be the goal “. Mollo, G-Lo.

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