How the toy from “Toy Story” takes the public beyond the controversies

Enough with the controversy over the lesbian relationship that got banned Buzz Lightning in a dozen countries in the Middle East and Asia! “We wanted to offer inclusive entertainment in the image of current society, having a lesbian heroine is not a gimmick. It’s a choice that serves the scenario. If some people don’t want to see the film for that reason, we weren’t going to change it, “says director Angus MacLane to 20 minutes.

This animated science-fiction film, previewed at the Annecy Festival, stars the most popular toy in the galaxy. It was given to the young hero Andy in Toy Story in 1995, but there is no longer any question of that in this feature film where François Civil lends him his voice in French and Chris Evans in English. “We imagined the movie that made Dandys want to own the figurine,” says Angus MacLane.

new characters

For his first solo feature film, the co-director of world of dory (2006) is an authentic science fiction story starring the astronaut created by John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Andrew Stanton and Peter Docter. “I think Buzz’s popularity comes from the fact that he’s both fragile and arrogant,” says Angus MacLane. Both of these characteristics are evident when Buzz’s ship crashes on a planet far from Earth and he must attempt to bring his crew home.

“The difficulty was to remain faithful to the original universe while renewing it,” says the filmmaker. He has therefore added a gallery of amazing new characters to the heroes, including the one who clearly steals the show, a robot cat called Sox. “We thought of animatronics from the past, he remembers, to make him cute, clever but also clumsy in the way he moves. The mastery of Pixar studios is evident in the design of this red and white cat, which has many surprises in store to help its master.

Winks and references

The scenario is also a nugget of ingenuity which plays with space-time for the greatest pleasure of the spectator when Buzz finds an old enemy familiar to the public since Toy Story 2. “I’m a fan of SF, underlines Angus Maclane, so I allowed myself references to many films as well as a complex plot that I consider accessible for children. The latter are smarter than adults imagine. »

This desire to pull audiences up is the hallmark of a demanding studio where the filmmaker cut his teeth as an animator in 1997. The generosity of his intentions, the splendor of the animation and the intelligence of Buzz Lightning make us follow it happily to infinity and beyond.

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