everyone is in grave danger in the trailer for part two! (VIDEO)

More than 10 days to wait! The second part of season 4 of Stranger Things arrives on 1er July on Netflix. The streaming platform has just released the trailer for this second volume on Tuesday, which promises to be filled with suspense and moments of tension. Almost every character is in mortal danger. Whether it’s Jim Hopper and Joyce in Russia, who have to battle the guards and a demoggorgon to get out of jail. And maybe even more if we believe the images of this trailer.

Dustin, Steve, Robin and the others who try tirelessly to learn more about Vecna ​​but who approach the truth place themselves within range of the terrible monster of the upside down world. Nancy, who after Max, is next on the Upside Down general’s list. We also see her face to face in the trailer with Vecna. Without forgetting Mike and Will who, as the latter announces: “he won’t stop until he takes everyone”. Salvation could once again come from Eleven, who after recovering all her powers, will come back to help her friends. But will she really be able to save everyone once again?

Not if we are to believe the words of Vecna ​​who seems to be addressing Efle asking him to “watch his friends die…” Recently, Noah Schnapp, Will’s interpreter, had announced on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, that we had to expect “deaths and gore” in this second part of season 4, without specifying whether they are important characters or not. The answer will be given in 10 days when the last two episodes will last 4 hours between them (the first 1h40, the second 2h20). And to think that the saga of the Duffer brothers will have a fifth and final season…

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