Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron celebrate music at the Elysée with Jack Lang

The Music Festival celebrated its 40th birthday on Tuesday. For the occasion, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to its creator, the former Minister of Culture Jack Lang, whom he invited to the stage set up in the main courtyard of the Elysée. Alongside his wife Brigitte Macron, the Head of State thanked Jack Lang for having launched this event in 1982, “which has become a European and international celebration”. “It’s a tremendous success and it encourages a lot of modesty because there are few things in political life, basically, which remain 40 years later and which are popular practices”, he continued. .

This year again, the presidential palace received several artists for a concert. Charlie Winston opened the ball, then Youssou N’Dour, the French electro duo Synapson and the Ukrainian DJ Xenia rocked the court. Emmanuel Macron, who was in Ukraine last week, made a brief reference to the dramatic news of this country at war since February 24, before the performance of the DJ, evoking “the solidarity which is ours” at the regard to this country.

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Macron evokes the “political context”

Two days before the second round of the legislative elections, which did not allow him to have an absolute majority in the National Assembly and which complicates the task of his government, the Head of State also had a word on this burning news. . “It so happens that this house was occupied today with other activities given the political context,” he added, referring to the consultations he had started with a series of political leaders, including Marine Le Pen, faced with the risk of a political deadlock in Parliament.

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Make way for music after this brief parenthesis. “With Brigitte, we are very happy to have you at the Elysée (..) Long live the Fête de la Musique! Be happy!”, he concluded in front of the spectators. This year, some 2,000 tickets were offered, in particular to young beneficiaries of the Culture pass. The music festival at the Elysée, launched in 2018, was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid -19 epidemic. She made her comeback last year, in a context of health measures and social distancing, with two big names in electro and disco as guests: Jean-Michel Jarre and Cerrone.

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