Daily: An emblematic columnist leaves the show, Yann Barthès has a “heavy heart”

This is sad news announced by Yann Barthès during the program Daily (TMC) on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. The 47-year-old presenter revealed that one of his team members was leaving the program as soon as the issue ended.

As usual, Yann Barthès first introduced his entire team to viewers. After introducing Pablo Mira, whose show was broadcast on the channel the same evening, it’s Lilia Hassaine which he presented. The opportunity to reveal that it was his last show. “I would like us to watch Lilia Hassaine. And let’s take advantage of having her by our side because it’s the very last of Lilia Hassaine tonight“, he first confided.

Yann Barthès recalled that it was in 2016, in The small newspaper, that they had collaborated for the first time together. She was part of Martin Weill’s team, behind the scenes. It was in June 2017 that she was put in the spotlight on the show Trump, Season 1. She then joined the band of columnists of Daily and quickly took its place. So it’s the “heavy heart“that the host let her go.

The beautiful message of Yann Barthès

Before saying goodbye, she presented her last column Zoom on French political issues following the legislative elections and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s request for resignation (which was refused by Emmanuel Macron). She didn’t fail to let it be known that she was “sad” for the latter. And it was to the applause of her colleagues that she concluded.

Even though his words are written on the teleprompter, they are sincere. We will all miss you. But beyond that, I wanted to thank you for your work, your trust, your friendship.. I look forward to welcoming you for your third book. We’ll drink champagne and reminisce about the good old days!“, continued Yann Barthès. We therefore imagine that it was to devote herself to her literary activity that Lilia Hassaine made the decision to leave Daily.

In 2019 already, she had not wished to participate in the season to devote herself to her book The eye of the peacock (Gallimard), released on October 3 of the same year. “I was very happy on this show and we always get along very well with the production. But the daily rhythm of the program was not compatible with the release of my book. There’s a big job to be on the air every night, I couldn’t re-engage knowing I couldn’t be 100%. It is not planned that I return to Daily this year, I allow myself time for my book. I’ve been working on it for years, it deserves my care“, she had explained to TV Magazine. She re-entered the program the following season and in 2021 released a new book titled bitter sunfor which she had received the 41st Literary Prize of the City of Caen.

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