Christophe – His last wife Véronique angry with Michèle Torr: “I can’t take it anymore”

This Wednesday, June 22 in Do not touch My TV, Véronique Bevilacqua, Christophe’s last wife, from whom she had been separated for many years, but still close, came to testify in one of the last programs of the Cyril Hanouna season. The latter did not come to promote a posthumous album, a biography on her ex-husband or a concert in tribute to the deceased singer. It was more like a settling of scores. For more than two years, and even well before the disappearance of Christophe, Véronique Bevilacqua suffered the constant insults of Michèle Torr. It has now reached a point of no return.

Michèle Torr has always said that between Christophe and Romain Vidal, the child of the singer of whom he would be the father, the links were much more important than what we wanted to believe. In February 2021, she claimed in particular that the two saw each other in secret. Information that she had shared by evoking the pain of her son at the death of Christophe: “He was very marked and very badly when Christophe died, badly to be kept away… I don’t want to dwell on this, but my son suffered a lot, while they were in contact and that they saw each other in secret“Always according to him, if Romain and Christophe could not see each other more, it is for the one and only reason that Véronique prevented his meetings and “was blocking“.

After having taken her pain patiently for years, Véronique Bevilacqua has therefore ended up getting her claws out: “They met at a concert. [Romain] had asked the mayor to come with him to see Christophe. […] He told us that he told her that he could never have gotten along with his mother and, on the other hand, that now was not the time. […] Romain Vidal gave him his phone, Christophe never contacted him. I absolutely want to come back to this because it is very important.”

Another point and not the least, Véronique Bevilacqua would like Michèle Torr to stop spreading rumors about her according to which she would have prevented Christophe from seeing her son: “We have to stop, this lady has to stop accusing me of lots of things! I didn’t make any dams. I separated a long time ago but even if we had remained very close with Christophe, he could do what he wanted. As he always said ‘You are not in my place’. Michèle Torr, I can’t take it anymore!

Véronique also denies having prevented Gérard, Christophe’s brother, from coming to see him at the end of his life: “I spoke to her because on TV, she mentions her name ‘Gérard etc’, so unless my brother-in-law was lying to me… […] I called him and I said, ‘Do you have any contact with her? Or your daughter? He told me ‘Never!’ So why say things like that?“Only Michèle Torr has the answer to this question…

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