C to You – Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine very embarrassed after a blunder on the death of Gaspard Ulliel

Jérôme Commandeur was the guest of C to you this Tuesday, June 21. The actor and director came to promote the upcoming release of his comedy Irreducible, expected in theaters on Wednesday, June 29. It is with his legendary good humor that the filmmaker therefore took his place around the table before falling into emotion without expecting it. To introduce the announced success of his second film, images of the Grand Prix he received at the Alpe d’Huez festival last January were broadcast, revealing part of his speech during which Jérôme Commandeur almost cry.

Back on set, the actor and director was just as moved as in the images. Except that Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had obviously not grasped the reason why he was so emotional at the time before Jérôme Commandeur took the floor: “We start on a note a little… It was the evening of the death of Gaspard Ulliel. […] That’s why I was very very moved” he told the host who, in the space of a second, fell over in a moment of embarrassment.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine simply did not know where to go: “Oh sorry, I missed that.” she let go, ill at ease, before trying to change the subject. Far from being offended by this little hiccup from his host, Jérôme Commandeur continued as if nothing had happened, indicating that he was “very happy with this price.” But for the 51-year-old presenter, it was difficult to leave calmly given that she had prepared all her questions on the subject of emotion without knowing that the latter had been greatly caused by the disappearance of Gaspard Ulliel.

You obviously hadn’t prepared this speech… Euuuuuuh, suddenly I’m a little… Yes, the questions don’t work anymore” she admitted. Fortunately for her, Jérôme Commandeur did not hold it against her for this new blunder: “Do, do… Go ahead, I’m good-natured” he replied with humor. A good atmosphere that ended up relaxing the slightly heavy atmosphere since the start…

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