Blitzer, les nouvelles mauvaises se confirment pour le rachat

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: the Greens without a recruitment unit, a problem?

Promised to the American group Blackstone Group of David Blitzer, entered into exclusive negotiations, the sale of ASSE would seriously slow down. According to our information, and as already mentioned yesterday at noon, the visit of the American delegation to the State last week did not go very well. The members of the close guard of the American present in Saint-Etienne, left with many documents, would have been disappointed by this appointment, in particular by the reception which was reserved for them.

Romain Molina confirms this trend and even drives the point home. “As always, the indescribable owners of ASSE are driving people/groups interested in a takeover crazy,” he commented on his Instagram account. Years of trying to sell, years of doing the same things (lack of transparency above all). Wait and see for the Blitzer case…”

As a reminder, ASSE has been officially on sale again for sixteen months and several takeover candidates have already broken their teeth over the differences of opinion of the club’s two main shareholders…

to summarize

Already cooled by the last visit of his close guard to Saint-Étienne to buy ASSE last week, the American David Blitzer would also be cooled by the lack of transparency of the leaders of Saint-Etienne.

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