at 73, the actor no longer sleeps at night…

Jean Reno is back! At 73, the famous actor is an iconic figure of French cinema. “Les Visiteurs”, “Léon”, “Wasabi”, Christian Clavier’s acolyte has had a string of successes since his debut in the 7th art. In addition to a brilliant career in France, the one who was the first to give the reply to Natalie Portman is also an actor recognized beyond the Atlantic. Lately, he slipped into the shoes of a heartless doctor in the Mexican series “Who killed Sara” currently available on Netflix. After the video on demand service at N rouge, Jean Reno is preparing to conquer Amazon Prime with the Spanish thriller “Un Asunto Privado”. Finally, he will also be in the cast of the adaptation of Marc Levy’s novel, “All these things we didn’t say to each other”, which is scheduled to be broadcast in the fall on C8.

“There are evenings, I can’t sleep”

A realization in which he embodies a deceased father who returns in the form of an android to make up for lost time with his daughter. Interviewed by the Parisian this Wednesday June 22 on the occasion of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the actor therefore had the opportunity to confide in his own relationship to death. ” I am against changing history, going back. I saw the Ricky Gervais show, ‘Supernature’, on Netflix, and he brings up this subject. Who are we to change history? Do we take ourselves for God? It’s a real question. Me, I would say no. Humans, if they didn’t die, they wouldn’t live. It’s hard to accept because I’m at an age where you think about death every day. I am happy to have made this series for all these questions inside the family “. This does not prevent him from being frightened by this terrible sentence.

There are evenings, I can’t sleep. Trintignant he left, Bouquet too… Bouquet he came to see me at the Paris theater when I was there with Richard Berry. Bunch, damn! My teacher ! “Two heartbreaking deaths that only increase his anxiety.


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