ASSE : La vente à David Blitzer menacée !

The situation is tense around the sale of ASSE to David Blitzer to the point that the operation is about to collapse.

Relegated to Ligue 2 after their defeat against AJ Auxerre in the play-offs, Saint-Etienne is going through a deep crisis which requires big changes in order to get out of it. A sale of the club has been hoped for by supporters for a long time and they thought they were on the right track with the announcement of negotiations with American billionaire David Blitzer. The trend of the last few hours is not, however, one of optimism. According to journalists Manu Lonjon and Romain Molina, obviously very well informed about the case, optimism is no longer appropriate. On the contrary, the attitude of Roland Romeyer and Bernard Caïazzo would no longer make David Blitzer and his collaborators want to invest in Saint-Etienne. News that will inevitably worry the Saint-Etienne supporters in view of the sporting and financial situation of their club.

The sale of ASSE to Blitzer threatened?

“It’s tense in Sainté. Between the bad accounting surprises, the possible sanctions and clearly the fact that Romeyer absolutely does not behave like a seller. It stinks of c…” posted Manu Lonjon on his Twitter account. A worrying message for ASSE supporters, but it was nothing compared to the details provided by his colleague Romain Molina. “As always, the indescribable owners of Saint-Étienne are driving people/groups interested in a buyout crazy. Years of trying to sell, years of doing the same things (lack of transparency above all). Wait and see for the Blitzer case… For once, if there is no buyout this summer, you have a huge financial risk next year without a rise in L1. Or will you really have to get your hands dirty. They are convinced to come back up straight away… As they were convinced not to come down from elsewhere, so be careful” posted Romain Molina, very worried about the future of Saint-Etienne in the short term, especially in the event that the sale of the club to Blitzer were to fail. Enough to sow concern rarely seen among ASSE supporters.

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