a new mistake has crept into the season 2 finale!

While the second season of HPI was again successful in terms of ratings, some fans unearthed a noticeable inconsistency in the final outcome. Did you notice it?

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It would have been difficult to sulk his pleasure to see Morgane Alvaro return, the whimsical gifted played by Audrey Fleurot in HPI, animate our Thursday evenings on TF1! Season 2 of the detective series ended this Thursday, June 16 in an episode very rich in twists and turns: while Morgane and Karadec tracked down Romain in England, they ended up exchanging a languorous and long-awaited kiss, which made exult the fans (find out Mehdi Nebbou’s reaction to the end). But to get there, it was necessary to carry out the investigation where a small error of times slipped…

This error of dates in the decisive clues of the investigation of Romain

And no ! Romain wasn’t actually dead. Morgane and Karadec managed to follow up on the track of the latter’s supposedly deceased fiancé thanks to Morgane’s father, played by Patrick Chesnais. A low-level con man with the same intellectual predispositions as his daughter, he tells them that Romain had come to seek help from him in order to make money. He puts him in contact with the Belgian mobster so that he lends him money to go and gamble at the casino. The evening is a success! Romain leaves the casino with his loot in his pocket, when Morgane’s father is waiting for him in the parking lot. At the same time, Romain is kidnapped by a man. And it’s when Morgane’s father manages to remember the registration number of the car that the shoe pinches. Indeed, in the image, we are shown a plate which includes the number of the department surmounted by the logo of the region. However, these plates were only put in place in 2009, while the action is supposed to take place around 2005.


A dumpling had already slipped in at the start of the season!

And this is not the first error that Internet users have noticed in the episodes of the season. In episode 3, Morgane and Karadec went to a striptease bar where they met the manager Madame Sarah (Sylvie Granotier) to ask her about two women – one killed fifty years ago and her friend who had just died. to be murdered – and better understand their connection. In a flashback, commented in voice-over by the manager, we see the two women Tulipe and Coco dancing on stage to the sound of I Feel Love by Donna Summer. However, the murder of the cold case took place fifty years ago, so in 1972. But Donna Summer’s song was only released in 1977!

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