un joueur lyonnais interpellé après une course-poursuite avec la police en Bretagne

According to information from Télégramme and Ouest-France, a 20-year-old young man playing at Olympique Lyonnais refused to stop at a police check on Monday in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) and therefore started a chase with the local authorities. He was driving despite a license suspension.

Lively holidays for a Lyonnais. This Monday, at the end of the afternoon, a young OL footballer would have tried to thwart a control of the bikers of the CRS of Rennes, posted in Saint-Brieuc in the city center, affirms Le Telegramme, information then confirmed by Ouest-France.

A chase quickly stopped

He would have refused to stop at the traffic control by taking a bus lane. The police would then have chased the driver, a chase of a few moments ensued.

The young driver did not go far and “hit a city barrier”, details the prosecution in comments reported by Ouest-France. The young man would have tried to continue his escape, but his vehicle, which belonged to his mother, was too damaged. “The tires would have suffered and above all, the case triggered the airbags. Despite this, he would have tried to continue on his way. In vain”, writes Le Télégramme.

A summons in January 2023

Arrested by the police, he was not placed in police custody, but heard at the Saint-Brieuc police station, where he allegedly recognized the main part of the charges against him.

The player was driving despite a recent license suspension, and without insurance. He will be summoned in January 2023 for appearance on prior admission of guilt.

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