un coup de froid signé Romeyer dans la vente aux Américains ?

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Like its neighbor and eternal rival, Olympique Lyonnais, ASSE could well pass under the American flag. In fact, the daily the team and Progress reported a visit by the delegation of David Blitzer, an American businessman interested in the takeover of the Greens, last week in Forez. The opportunity for them to discover all the club’s facilities, the stadium, the museum, the training center, but also to get to know the management of Saint-Etienne, during an interview. And according to information from Aim! Holinessthe latter did not necessarily go well.

A missed date?

Indeed, the media explains that the emissaries would have been disappointed by the reception reserved in Forez, echoes reporting differences between the parties. This could well lead to a cold snap in the file, which nevertheless seemed to be on the right track. The man is already present in the world of football, notably by owning shares in the English club Crystal Palace. And coincidentally, Bernard Caïazzo, one of the two presidents of ASSE, was visiting the facilities of the London club last week. In the meantime, the sale process has been launched for 16 months, but no positive outcome has yet been found.

to summarize

The sale of ASSE continues to animate the daily lives of Stéphanois, but the meeting between the representatives of Blitzer and Romeyer did not go well. The Americans were disappointed with their reception in Forez.

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