separated from Juan Arbelaez, Laury Thilleman has found balance alongside a famous singer

In a relationship for more than seven years and married since 2019, Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez announced their separation a few weeks ago. On May 17, the former Miss France took the floor on Instagram to express herself. “In order to cut short all rumors and nauseating articles, I wanted to share with you that after 7 years of intense happiness and living together at a thousand miles an hour, Juan and I have decided together to continue our journeys separately. The tenderness, benevolence, gratitude and mutual respect that we share remains and will remain intact.” she wrote.

Sporty and on all fronts, the Breton has not lost any of her energy. The proof for a few hours with many Instagram stories shared where she is overflowing with enthusiasm before presenting again the big evening of the Fête de la Musique this Tuesday, June 21, 2022 on France 2. Accompanied by Garou, the Brestoise will face 20 000 people on the Esplanade de l’Europe in Montpellier. A challenge that the young woman admits to facing with the greatest serenity also and above all thanks to her partner. “Like every time we work together, we are really motivated. Garou is an excellent working partner.“, she explains.”The Music Festival is being prepared in advance. The team that works alongside us is great and has supported us enormously since we have hosted this show.

Working with Garou is an honor. He is a guide, a best friend, a confidant… Whenever I am afraid, he is there. In addition to being a great work partner. Our duo is magic and it works!“, testifies Laury Thilleman with our colleagues from TV Mag. And it’s the same story with the former coach and juror of The Voice. “Already five years old? Honestly, I don’t count them anymore because I feel like everything is as natural as the first time. We quickly understood that we were a good duo. I knew we would work together for a long time.“, he admits.


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