REVIVE – “Koh-Lanta: the Cursed Totem”: François and Bastien tied winners


They were 20 on the starting line. And only four to claim the final victory. After 37 days of adventure, François, Jean-Charles, Bastien and Géraldine compete in the mythical pole event. Only two will be submitted to the vote of the final jury, the verdict of which will be revealed by Denis Brogniart live at the end of the evening on TF1.

Jean-Charles, who won the orientation test, is radiant before facing the posts. “Today, I fear no one, even if they regularly put defeats in my head”, admits the fustier who lost his mother shortly before leaving for the Philippines. If he wins the 100,000 euros, he will have a great family trip with his loved ones.

Géraldine is the only woman in the final, the oldest too. “All my life, all I’ve done is to gain confidence,” she explains. “Even if tomorrow I start singing, I could be Madonna!”. The 100,000 euros? “Set up a structure for families looking for decent housing”.

Bastien almost cracked during the orientation. “I insulted myself from the inside,” he admits. “Koh-Lanta will teach me to externalize my feelings so that people know me better”, promises the rope access technician who hates showing his weaknesses. The 100,000 euros? A family trip for him who has not seen his family for 10 years at Christmas because of his job.

François is quiet strength. “I learned my own limits, I touched them with my finger”, however admits the firefighter who tries to “live everything to the fullest”. “I am 38 years old, I aspire to start a family”, explains the candidate who dreams of becoming a dad. If he wins the 100,000 euros, he will also take a family trip and donate part of it to associations.


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