Netflix reacts to the death of two actors on the set of one of its series

The platform comes out of silence to pay tribute to Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González, two actors who died in a car accident that occurred Thursday on the set of the series The Chosen One.

Five days after the death of two actors in a car accident during the filming of the Netflix series The Chosen Onethe platform came out of silence to pay tribute to them.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic accident that took the lives of Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González. Our hearts go out to their loved ones and those who were injured in this accident,” Netflix said in a statement.

“We are all in shock, after this tragic accident,” added the production company Redrum, associated with Netflix for The Chosen One. “Redrum is working with local authorities and according to initial reports from the investigation and witnesses to the accident, all safety protocols were in place at the time of the tragedy.”

Shooting to resume soon

The facts occurred last Thursday in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, where the filming is taking place. Two other cast members and four crew members were injured and are in stable condition, according to reports from variety.

Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González had supporting roles in The Chosen One, a series about a 12-year-old child who discovers that he is the new earthly incarnation of Jesus Christ. Filming has been put on hold, but is due to resume very soon, once the investigation is complete and the period of mourning has passed.

The Chosen One is the second Netflix adaptation of a comic book from publisher Millarworld, acquired by the platform in 2017, after Jupiter’s Legacy released last year.

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