Nasser al-Khelaïfi (PSG) : « On ne veut plus du bling-bling »

The dream is one thing, the reality is another. Perhaps we should also change our slogan… Dream Bigger is good, but today we must above all be realistic, we no longer want flashy, bling-bling, it’s the end of sequins. » Asked by The Parisianwho published a long interview on Tuesday with the president of PSG, Nasser al-Khelaïfi, endorsed the turn taken by the Parisian project during this off-season.

He takes the opportunity to put pressure on his group: “ We want players who like the club, who like to fight, who like to win. […] For next season, the objective is clear: to work every day at 200%. Give everything we have for this jersey, give the maximum and we will see the result. We have to become humble again. […] Whoever wants to remain in his comfort, who does not want to fight, he will stay aside. »

“We never spoke with Zidane. We have chosen a coach who will be the best for what we want to put in place.

Without making it official, Al-Khelaïfi hinted that the coaching position should go to Christophe Galtier. ” We are discussing with Nice, it is not a secret. I hope that we will find an agreement quickly, but I respect Nice and the president (Jean-Pierre) Rivère, each defends its interests “, he said. The Qatari leader took the opportunity to bury the Zinédine Zidane track: “ I’ll tell you one thing: we never spoke with him, neither directly nor indirectly. Many clubs are interested in him, national teams too, but we have never discussed with him. […] We have chosen a coach who will be the best for what we want to put in place. »

Training at the heart of the project, Campos only on the pros

In this turning point for PSG, the training center should take a more important place. ” We are going to have the best training center in the worldenthuses Al-Khelaïfi. My objective for the next few years is to have only Parisian players in our team. There is so much talent in our region. »

Just appointed sports advisor, Luis Campos “ will deal with pros and only pros “, blows the president. If the role of Antero Henrique ” remains to be defined “, the club intends to entrust the management of training and the women’s team to people solely dedicated to these tasks. Another novelty in the club’s policy, Al-Khelaïfi formalized the creation of a ” Consultative Committee “composed of people” very high level, in love with PSG “.


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