Miss France: first transgender candidate, actress Andréa Furet elected 2nd runner-up to Miss Paris

Andréa Furet, a transgender candidate, well known to the TF1 public, finished second in the Miss Paris election.

A real step forward in terms of diversity. Andréa Furet, the first trans candidate to appear in the Miss Paris competition, finished second, Sunday June 19, at the Lido, becoming the first runner-up. This is where the election took place, before the final closure of the establishment.

I am extremely proud and touched to be the first transgender woman to inscribe her name in the history of Miss

“Even today, in 2022, many young people are unfortunately rejected, misunderstood, sometimes harassed, simply because they try to be themselves. I think that this title could be a great way to show them that you can be who you really are and succeed in any fieldshe rejoiced with our colleagues from BFM TV.

Aged 19, she took second place on the podium against twelve other candidates. The crown returned to Océane Bobèche, who will therefore be able to compete in a few weeks for Miss Ile-de-France, then, if she wins the scarf, for Miss France 2023.

If Andréa did not win the election of Miss Paris, she says she is “very happy with the result”. “Participating in this contest was a goal that I wanted to achieve. I always wanted to do it and when I realized it was possible, I did it. I don’t regret it!”, she explained to TF1infohappy that the rules of Miss France have been modified.

The Miss France contest has relaxed its rules, concerning the transidentity, age and marital status of the candidates. In Alsace, one of the candidates, a 27-year-old dental assistant, is thus married and the mother of a little girl. In October 2021, the Minister Delegate for Gender Equality Élisabeth Moreno considered that the rules governing the Miss France competition were “has been” and wished that “they would change”.

The candidate is not unknown to viewers since she appeared in the TV movie “Il est elle” on the transidentity on TF1.

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