Melissa Sue Anderson (Little House on the Prairie): At 59, the unforgettable Mary Ingalls captivates

Gone are the days when we saw her frolicking in the countryside with her sisters. Gone are the days of joys, dramas, fires and accidental blindness. Known for having played Mary Ingalls in the series The Little House On The Prairiefrom 1974 to 1981, Melissa Sue Anderson was only 12 years old when she became a star of the small screen. Surprise: the actress made a rare appearance in Monaco, during the 61st Monte Carlo Television Festival, organized at the Grimaldi Forum on June 20, 2022.

The clock is ticking but nothing really changes. 59-year-old Melissa Sue Anderson still has that piercing blue gaze we saw in her very young years. Dressed in an outfit to match her icy gaze, the actress caused a great sensation during the event, which brought together other actresses and other actors well known to viewers. We note in particular the presence of Jane Seymour, unforgettable Dr Quinn, female doctor, among other things, or Jason Priestley, formerly Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210as well as Neal McDonough, the president of the fiction jury, Eric Close, Fabrice Deville, Hubert Benhamdine, Marie-Gaëlle Cals, Folco Marchi and Nadia Fossier.

But what becomes of Melissa Sue Anderson?

After experiencing a dazzling success with his comrades in The Little House On The Prairie – including the late Michael Landon , Melissa Sue Anderson has been relatively discreet. Seen in major productions such as The Fun Cruise, Arabesque, Fantasy Island, but in very secondary roles, the actress was however on view, in 2018, at the cinema in The Con Is On by James Oakley, with Uma Thurman and Tim Roth. In terms of private life, she seems to be a fulfilled woman. Married to screenwriter and producer Michael Sloan, she has two children, Piper and Griffin, 31 and 26, and was recently able to attend her granddaughter’s wedding. So the grass wasn’t greener in the meadow next door…

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