Mercato - Les indésirables du PSG en "loft" pour la reprise de l'entraînement ?

Les indésirables du PSG en “loft” pour la reprise de l’entraînement ?

For the moment, there is not a sale that is particularly taking shape in the summer transfer window 2022 of Paris Saint-Germain. Yet it is clear that departures are necessary. The blocking comes partly from players who want to cling to Paris. This is why, according to journalist Abdellah Boulma, Football Advisor Luis Campos is considering a sidelining, a ” loft »when resuming training.

A completely credible announcement, since this strategy is relatively common to get players to consider leaving more seriously. It’s a way of making it clear that the club no longer counts on them. However, this is also sometimes disputed as it is a difficult situation for players.

The concern being that we have already seen some players clinging to comfort and salary in Paris (like Layvin Kurzawa who did not want to leave even if he was not expected to play). So maybe it takes a bit of pressure to help the players make the effort.

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