Laeticia Hallyday’s “new teeth” shock Johnny’s fans who let him know cash!

It went through a period of strong turbulence. His health has recently failed and Laeticia Hallyday unfortunately had to be hospitalized after appearing very feverish. Then the beauty continued with a battery of exams and must now be very careful with her rhythm and lifestyle, especially what she eats. A special diet has indeed been prescribed.

So the mother of Jade and Joy wanted, after these few worries, to have a good time and took the direction with her pretty little family, of Saint Tropez (Var).

On Instagram, as always, Laeticia shares everything about her daily life and notably posted a video of her and her protégés, on a yacht off the Mediterranean.

But a physical detail has challenged Internet users. A detail nestled in… his mouth! Several fans of Laeticia and Johnny noticed that she was sporting a “news” dentition. And have little appreciated this supposed transformation.

“How ugly teeth are so white and so straight! Sorry to tell you this but you’re so cute that this new smile ruins everything! I’m not used to criticizing, but these photos shock me!”wrote to him one of his subscribers, particularly amazed by this change.

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Apolline Demarchelier

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